Transform and Clock Out

October 2, 2008

For the child-hearted reversible-accessory loving design-conscious sleeping-person, there is the Wollip-Bear. Have you had a long day that only the loving arms of a lifeless bear impersonation can give rest from? Have you always wanted to own a form-changing creature that doesn’t just turn into a truck or motorcycle? Here is something softer. Here is Maja G’s Wollip-Bear.
The most excellent and kind Maja Ganszyniec brings the cuddly: “Wollip-pillow is an alternative solution for people having problems falling sleep and are considered too old for sleeping with a teddy bear. Wollip is a reversible pillow which turned inside out becomes a teddy bear. The Wollip-Bear allows you sleep with a teddy bear, without anybody suspecting a thing. Sleep still, knowing that in case of nightmares or as soon as feeling lonely, the regular pillow will turn into a soft, cuddly toy. Avoid the inconvenient and unnecessary questions in the morning simply flipping it back.”
This is the cutest ever. Awww.
Designer: Maja Ganszyniec


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