Ten Craziest PC Case Mods

November 4, 2008

Nowadays, a computer is indispensable in our homes, but don’t you think they all look about the same? It would be nice to have something special, a PC like no other, therefore there are many people who try to create their own design for a computer and the first thing that you should change is the PC case. There are many great, cool, impressive and genuine ideas, but today we’ll bring you 10 Craziest PC Case Mods.

#10. Dialup

If your furniture is kind of old-fashioned and your grandma freaks out when she spots your PC, then here is the perfect solution – the Dialup PC. The PC was specially designed for online voice chatting as when someone calls you on Skype or MSN voice, you simply pick up the phone and start talking as you are using a regular phone.

#9. Atlas Mech

This scary battle-mech is called Atlas and it will destroy anybody who stands in front of him. Just kidding, but the Atlas PC case could lure away a thief because it could be mistaken with some battle machine. Inside is painted with glow in the dark paint and the UV cathodes complete the mod.

#8. Digg

I guess that this PC case doesn’t need any introduction or too many details as Digg is one of the most renowned social media website. The Digg PC case is made of 0.5? medium density fiberboard (MDF) and a few acrylic windows and also, the Digg logo looks great on blue. Although there are many other inspiration sources, the designer got his idea from the Digg community.

#7. Dashboard

What should a car fanatic’s PC should look like ? Take a look at this PC and you will find out. Of course there are more possibilities, but this one features three gauges that do work, displaying the RAM, CPU and hard drive usage. The gauges were taken from a Honda Civic Si and have an idiglo overlay lightkit. Other cool feature of the Dashboard PC is the remote control keychain that turns it on/off and ejects the CD-RW. All this PC lacks is a steering wheel and a gearshift, but this problem can be solved by getting a gaming one.

#6. R2-D2

R2-D2 is best known as a tiny droid which appeared in six Star Wars movies, but someone thought to build a PC case inspired from the clever robot. The case resembles perfectly the blue-white companion, but without that crazy beeping for talking. The R2-D2 PC case features two CD/DVD drives, a pop-up WebCam and multiple USB ports.

#5. John Deere Gas Pump

This PC case was made from a John Deere Gas Pump toy and it sure is crazy because when you pull up the gas pump the gas costs only 19 cents per gallon. The gas pump handle has the privilege to be the power button, push it forward and the John Deere Gas Pump PC is on.

#4. WMD

I am sure that most of you know what WMD means, but for those who didn’t figure it out, WMD stands for Weapon of Mass Destruction. The designer wanted to create a PC case which resembles an atomic bomb like one that he spotted in a movie. He started his project, added his own ideas and he came up with this weapon of mass destruction.

#3. Pumpkin

The Pumpkin PC was created specially for Halloween because after a while it will rust out and stink, but for a few days it will provide a creepy atmosphere. By ejecting the CD-ROM, the Pumpkin PC looks like it pulls out the tongue, but that’s not too scary.

#2. Microwave

Don’t get me wrong, but there are many people who are addicted to food and computers. It seems like somebody managed to put those together and came up with the Microwave PC. This case doesn’t cook but allows you to surf the Web and to play Solitaire or something else.

#1. Toilet

I can figure out where this guy got his idea, but I really don’t know why he even considered building it. The Toilet PC case inspired from (you guessed) a toilet is the strangest. I mean, how many of you would like to have this in your room? The toilet should stay in the bathroom and that’s it! Anyway, the “designer” also had a good idea by making the power switch from the flusher. I don’t want to know what he meant with the brown paint.

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