Madurodam – The city of miniatures

November 5, 2008

Madurodam is a small scale miniature town at Scheveningen, Holland, and is one of the most popular tourist attraction of the country since it opened in 1952. Built on a scale 1:25 and reconstructed up to the smallest details, Madurodam gives a bird’s eye view of Netherlands’ some of the most impressive architecture dating from many periods.

Madurodam (16)

Madurodam (5)

There are about 1148 models in this miniature city comprising of famous buildings from all over Holland. It includes both historical monuments as well as modern buildings. The city has a miniature transport system – buses, trains, trams and ships that actually run! There is about 4000 meters of railway and tram lines on which 14 train models run. There is an airport with 32 aircrafts from different countries. Madurodam also has a huge network of canals with exactly 27 bridges and 58 ships.


Madurodam (1)

Madurodam (4)

Madurodam (6)

No city is complete without humans. So Madurodam has around 16,000 miniature inhabitants in the form of pedestrians, inhabitants of the building etc. 5000 trees and more than 50,000 miniature lights adore the city.

Madurodam (15)

Madurodam (9)

Madurodam (10)

Madurodam (12)

Madurodam (13)

Madurodam (14)

Madurodam (7)


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